Special Event Liability insurance is contractually required on any event taking place at a venue where the
general public will be in attendance.  Such events include public events like concerts, festivals, parades,
trade shows, fundraisers, corporate events, politically promoted events, school sponsored events, and
any event where the venue contractually requires the event promoter to provide insurance naming the
venue as an Additional Insured.  The promoters of these events are exposed to many risks including
venue safety and security, crowd control, liquor liability, weather hazards, equipment theft, volunteer
safety, fireworks or pyrotechnics, parking, and at times even events that last overnight or over several

New Empire will help you evaluate what specific coverage your client may need.  At times, your client
may require higher legal liability limits, Event Cancellation insurance, coverage for equipment while in
transit, or any other insurance contractually required of your client. New Empire can provide you with the
knowledge, expertise, and timely quotes, with the information you provide.

Some of these risks include:

  • Concert Promoters
  • Fairs & Festivals
  • Sporting Events
  • Corporate Parties & Events
  • Concessionaires, Exhibitors, Vendors