In this 21st century where technology has definitely influenced the art of filmmaking, whether you have a $100,000 budget or a $100 Mil Budget, your client needs insurance.  Be it a major studio or a small independent filmmaker, your client is exposed to risks that mitigates potential financial loss to their investment.  This could be a feature film, a television pilot, a reality tv show, tv game show, a documentary, tv commercial, educational & industrial films, a series of webisodes or even be a student film.  Their investment can be protected with the proper insurance policy.  Additionally, the locations where they film will most likely require a certificate of insurance before allowing access to their premises.

Our policies should satisfy these requirements.

Insurance is usually the last thing on a film producer or artist’s mind before pre-production.  Together, we can provide your client with the insurance required so that they can rent a production office, hire personnel, rent vehicles and/or equipment, arrange location site, or enter into contractual agreements.

Some of these risks include:

  • Short Term & Low Budget Film Projects
  • Motion Picture Production
  •  Television Production
  • Documentaries
  • Corporation / Industrial Videos
  • Music Video
  • Educational Films
  • Student Films