Artists and their business managers rely on you, their broker, to guide them in securing proper and
adequate insurance for their unique business needs. New Empire’s staff will help guide you so that you
are able to provide your clients with the best coverage at the best rates, at the quickest turnaround time.

It is almost a grey area when trying to distinguish what is business liability and what is personal liability
with entertainers.  Why?  Because their day to day appearances anywhere is essentially business-
related.  Therefore, these entertainers require unique insurance coverage that address their unique risks.

Following is a list of what is defined as entertainers:

  •  Actors
  •  Celebrities
  •   Directors
  • Producers
  • Musicians
  •  Touring Musical Groups
  • Theatrical Groups
  • High profile, high net worth individuals, celebrities, athletes
  • Shell Corporations of these entertainers